We are living in a digitalised era, where anything can be accessed at just a click of the mouse. However, magazines are still some of those universal things that have not lost their value. Nothing can beat the importance that magazines play in one’s life. A well-designed magazine is your 24×7 companion that keeps you entertained and informed.


J. L. King Publishing London Ltd. offers high-quality and expert magazine publishing services that will enable you to target your customers with the information you want in a professional and friendly manner. Based in London, J. L. King Publishing is a publishing house that takes pride in providing printing services to various organisations, professionals, and businesses, as well as individuals in all industries, with excellent design and high-quality content layout.

Through our years of experience in the customer magazine publishing industry, we have been involved in creating innumerable success stories. We are specialists in developing magazines on diverse topics, including sports, lifestyle and entertainment, fashion, and music. We offer you the best digital, as well as print, magazine publishing options.

J. L. King Publishing offers customized magazine printing options that ensure that your customers get the message you want to convey. We focus on easy readability and high quality. Our exceptional, high-end newsstand magazine quality has made us a well-trusted name in Europe, including the UK, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, and Switzerland.

Why Choose Us –

400_F_44713013_TOmuuuIXUOjHuCvnBkkcezwKsa4Ko1p7Our digital magazine publishing and printing services are carefully designed in a manner to meet all your individual needs. By effectively using these resources, we ensure that the final published copy is of the finest quality. Our professional team works in adherence to quality standards to make sure that there are no glitches in publishing the best magazines.

We examine the project from the beginning, taking care of the most basic needs of every publication. From content to design to print distribution, we take care of all the processes involved in magazine publication, so our clients can fully concentrate on their core businesses.

Quality – J. L. King Publishing offers topnotch newsstand-style magazine print options. All our printing plants employ advanced printing technology that includes direct-to-plate or roll offset high-quality presses, depending on the requirements of the client.

Money – We work hard to ensure that there are is waste, as every pound or dollar is important for a business. Our stringent controls and procedures ensure that you get top-quality magazines at the least possible cost.

Time – We create timely magazines by keeping in touch with the a–z needs of magazine publishing. From content and design through production, we ensure that our projects are completed within the given timeframe. We comply with deadlines and keep no stone unturned to finish your project on time. Our print schedules are very flexible – even with late submissions from advertisers, we can help you make your deadlines.


We value our commitment to your readers. That’s why we keep evolving our design, style, and printing capabilities with the latest technology.

To know more about our services, get in touch with us today and let us help you create a distinctive niche for your brand.