What We Do

400_F_36707817_a7ocKrblH25g7tMwCRpe17Caf9qxuSnKJ.L. King Publishing provides the most cost-effective and best-quality custom magazine printing solutions. From health and wellness to lifestyle, fashion, music, and entertainment, we create all types of digital and print magazines with the help of most advanced technology. 

Apart from printing custom magazines, J.L. King Publishing also prints newsletters, corporate brochures, and catalogs to help you reach your target audience in the manner you want to use. Whether you prefer digital, web press, or sheet-fed, we provide the most cost-effective solutions to all your magazine needs. We firmly adhere to our quality standards and, whether you need one copy or 1 million copies, we assure you that you get the best possible newsstand results with every publication we handle.

With years of experience, J.L. King Publishing has developed a portfolio of the most recognised names. We have created publication for various international clients, including Holmes Place Europe, DJ Tomekk, and Def Jam USA, to name only a few.


Our years of experience have brought us several brands and artists as happy clients. J.L. King Publishing has carved a niche for itself as a respected custom publisher in the UK. Our publications on various topics can be found at fitness club chains, fashion stores, and newsstands across Europe.

Every customer is special, and we understand the commitment of our clients to their customers. We carefully research and examine your needs to offer speed and low cost, yet incredible quality, with a fast turnaround that ensures a high return on investment.

With our exceptional graphic design and magazine printing capabilities, we have established ourselves as a magazine publisher that can take care of all your printing, branding, and digital needs. For further information, contact our customer care team now.