A magazine is published to be read. We know that a customized magazine can be a powerful marketing tool, and this is why we publish magazines that can make your brand visible in the market.

Whether for repositioning your existing brand or creating a new brand from scratch, we expertly and carefully study and monitor all the market trends and factors involved in developing a visual expression of your brand.

fotolia_44307161In today’s highly competitive business environment, it is critical to establish a unique and distinctive identity for your business so your customers recognize you just by seeing your logo, advertisement or banner . J.L. King Publishing, through our business partnerships with various advertisers, brands and consumers, helps every client build a brand that is unique and distinct.

To get into the psyche of your readers, it is important to offer high-quality editorial content that captures their interest. J.L. King Publishing offers a comprehensive solution that takes care of all aspects of magazine publishing, from content and editorial to layout, design, print and shipping. Whether yours is a print or digital magazine, we make sure that you get the best quality to engage your customers.

To provide the best magazine solutions, we carefully examine all the needs of our clients and how they want their brands to be perceived by their customers. For a large, medium-sized or small business, we critically examine every aspect of the magazine and craft solutions that facilitate creating niche brands. Our impeccable quality and several years of experience have enabled us to create unique brands that have helped our customers create additional revenue streams.

Get in touch today and let us create a magazine for your that strengthens your brand!