Who We Are


J.L. King Publishing London Ltd.  is a London-based publishing house.  J.L. King Publishing is involved in creating excellent customer magazines characterised by outstanding content and exceptional design and layout.

With several years of experience in creating customer magazines, we have successfully developed a vast network with various celebrities and artists. We have more than 24 releases in a year, both digital and print, covering various interest areas ranging from sports, wellness, lifestyle, and fashion to music. Our production team comprises highly experienced staff who critically examine and implement the needs of our customers. 

J.L. King Publishing has a commitment to providing excellence and works in close partnership with advertisers, consumers, business partners, and employees to deliver outstanding service and value. We firmly believe that offering the best content to the target audience helps you build lifelong relationships. This is why we abide by strict ethics related to the projects that we handle. With this strategy, we have developed a clear editorial and creative process while ensuring the use of the appropriate medium in which to communicate.


The customer is “king,” so J.L. King Publishing goes straight into the minds of your target audience to deliver high-quality editorial content that meets your readers’ desires. Our years of experience have enabled us to know what our customers want and how they can connect with their customers in a better way. By examining our clients’ all needs and marketing strategies, we provide ideal magazine solutions.

J.L. King offers a comprehensive solution moving from editorial and design to print and shipping, ensuring that the best newsstand publications reach our clients’ audiences without any hassle. Our custom magazine printing helps our clients expand their brands by creating unique niches in their specific fields. The excellent design and content quality of our publications ensure that you enhance your customer base to create extra revenue streams.